Wireless Internet Frees You From The Constrains Of The Cable World.

The days of surfing the Internet on dial-up are over! Wireless Internet frees you from the physical constrains of the cable world. No longer are you required to access the web using a slow connection that ties up the phone line and ties you to a desk. Today with Wireless Internet you can access the web from just about anywhere.

Take your wireless laptop, PDA or Pocket PC to a restaurant. Sit in a coffee house. Write the great Works of Fiction. Play wireless games with people around the world. Just about anything that required you to sit at a desk when going online is available anywhere.

The old limits no longer apply. You are free to surf, email, and chat online without having a cable connection. Why not take your work and your wireless laptop to a park and sit in the fresh air? Do you really want to sit at a desk working when you get some peace and quiet elsewhere?

Suppose you wanted to read the latest book only minutes after your favorite author published it online. Yes, an e-Book allows you to download the latest writings of your favorite author in minutes. Your favorite author could be in going to sleep in New York as you sit on a beach in Sydney Australia reading his or her latest masterpiece. What was once science fiction can now an everyday event.

Wireless Internet is the perfect choice for people that enjoy going online but don’t enjoy the office. Take your next staff meeting to a restaurant and book a private room. Can you imagine the turnout? No more absent staff from a catered meeting. How about the need for some quiet while working on the latest proposal to your new client. No problem. Take your wireless notebook to a vacant office down the hall. No-one will find you while you let your genius flow, uninterrupted by phones, a unexpected interruptions.

Who could have imagined the impact an obscure IEEE 802 committee could have had in 1997 when they approved 802.11? Most people wouldn’t even know what an IEEE committee is or does — I’ll let you in on a little secret, they are the standards body that approves and decides how certain gadgets communicate.

So what do you need to make this magic happen? Well you need a wireless enabled device, like a laptop, PDA or Tablet PC and you need to be within a hot-spot or a zone that has wireless access. What happens if your laptop doesn’t have this capability? No problem! Today you can purchase PCMCIA or peripheral card for your computer that will make it wireless enabled. Of course, if you’re at home or in an office that doesn’t have a local hotspot controller you will either have to get one or sit somewhere else. A local hotspot controller turns the wall connected internet signal into a wireless one. If you have DSL or Cable at home, you can easily setup your own network.

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